Whitewater (Part 1)

Where I grew up in Minnesota, when we went canoeing the river was usually flat and peaceful. We’d reach our destination, but it was mostly paddle power and a smooth current.

Occasionally the river would get a little rough, and we’d encounter some rapids. Now normal people usually avoid the whitewater. But if you develop certain skills, you can read the rapids, avoid the rocks, and even thrive.

It’s like that in the market right now. We’re in a period of rapid, roiling change. And there are some rules that you have to follow in the rapids, or you’ll get in trouble. For example, always stay with your boat. Investment-wise, stick to your plan. Panic-selling is a recipe for disaster. Most investment plans are designed around things like your age, income, and goals. Those things don’t change with the level of the stock market.

The markets are churning right now. But if we read the rapids right, we’ll come out of this. We might even have some fun.

Douglas R. Tengdin, CFA
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