We’re All Charlie, Now

Source: The Conversation

Yesterday a small group of terrorists attacked the editorial offices of a French satire weekly, killing 12 before they raced away, shouting “Allahu Akbar!” The magazine, Charlie Hebdo, was an equal-opportunity satirist: they ridiculed everyone. This attack by Islamo-fascists has sickened and appalled millions around the world.

Nativists will point to attacks like these and call for closed borders; markets appear to be shrugging off the attacks as an isolated incident. The assault is reminiscent of an attack in 2012 by a deranged 23-year old French-Algerian man on a Jewish school in Toulouse that killed seven people.

I lived in North Africa 25 year ago and counted dozens of Muslims among my friends. They were educated, tolerant people who loved conversation and understood that different philosophies have to be debated. They would be appalled by these murders as well.

Our response should be never to retreat from the free exchange of ideas—even offensive ones. Let truth and error “grapple in the field,” as John Milton once wrote. Ideas—and people—are meant to be free.

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