The Pit and the Pendulum (Part 2)

You can’t make this stuff up.

Yesterday I discussed how institutional investors are being forced to take risks they’d rather not take because of the ultra-low interest rate environment we’re in. It’s no news that pension funds are under a lot of pressure to achieve significant returns over the next 10 years. The financial meltdown did a lot of damage.

Now those funds need to make up their losses. The problem is, global growth has downshifted. Instead of 3% real GDP growth in the developed world, we’re looking at 2-2.5% growth. The combination of deleveraging, default risk, and re-regulation has many talking about a “new normal” of reduced expectations.

But those pension funds still need returns. And you can’t get 8% returns out of 3% 10-year Treasury yields. It’s like trying to spin straw into gold. So these institutions are allocating assets into ever-more risky classes in ever-more exotic vehicles.

Enter the Ohio Highway Patrol Pension Fund. This $732 million fund is shifting assets around, taking $75 million out of domestic equities and putting it into foreign equities, foreign bonds, and commodities. Hey, I think there are opportunities out there. But wow, that’s a big move.

And it illustrates my point. The trustees are taking on risk and reaching for return. Ohio taxpayers sure hope they’re right.

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