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Are market changes real changes? Dreams of World War 1 soldiers, by Jan Styka. Source: Lublin Museum There’s a common understanding that market gains or losses aren’t real gains or losses—they’re only “on paper” until the investor sells the stock, making them “real.” But that’s a cognitive error—a kind of egocentric bias that says that something is only real if it affects me. In fact, price changes are real changes. When Apple goes from $100 to $200 per share, that gain is real. And [...]

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Trending Traditions

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Do you have any traditions around the holidays? Photo: Jill Wellington. Source: Pixabay. Lots of folks have traditions they observe this time of year around decorations, or gift-giving, or – especially – food. In Scandinavia they decorate a straw Christmas goat and place it in their living rooms, celebrating a time when a goat, not Santa, delivered Christmas gifts. My Jewish friends in grade school brought their Hanukah dreidels to school for show-and-tell, and we would guess which letter they would land on when [...]

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Market Dreams

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Are market changes real, or are they more like dreams? Dreams of World War 1 soldiers, by Jan Styka. Source: Lublin Museum There’s a common thought that market gains or losses aren’t real gains or losses – they’re only “on paper” until investors sell their holdings, making them “real.” But that’s a cognitive error – a kind of egocentric bias that says that something is only real if it affects me. In fact, price changes are real changes. When IBM went from $100 to [...]

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Taxing Energy in Context

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How high are our energy taxes? Source: Energy Information Administration The US is a low-tax country. We were founded because of a tax-rebellion, and tax protests ripple through our nation from time to time. The latest round of corporate tax reform was in part a reaction to high corporate tax rates – and they were high, compared with the rest of the world. That’s why so many US corporations had been changing their official domicile to an overseas location. US companies like Medtronic (Minneapolis) [...]

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Shakespeare and Tax Reform

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What we call things is important. Photo: Victor Hanacek. Source: Picjumbo How items are defined can have real-world implications on how they’re treated. Consider the latest changes in the tax code. Individuals can now only deduct up to $10,000 of the State and local taxes they pay. So high-income people in high-tax states like New York, California, and Vermont could end up paying more on their Federal income taxes than they would if they lived in a low-tax state like Florida or Texas. Naturally, [...]

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Marginal Thinking

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What’s your marginal tax rate? Source: Healthcare.gov It’s an important question. The answer will determine whether it makes sense to buy municipal bonds, whether to put money into a Roth or Traditional IRA, and even whether to convert a Traditional IRA into a Roth. Let’s face it: almost everything we do has tax consequences. The government puts its finger into almost every financial pie – they’re our partner in almost every financial decision we make. But they’re a passive partner. It’s perfectly reasonable to [...]

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Taxes, Income, and Freedom

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It’s April. Do you know where your income taxes are? Photo: Steve Buissine. Source: Pixabay Around the country people are reviewing their income from last year and calculating their taxes. Tax day is an extraordinary event: a couple years ago 140 million Americans told the government that they earned $9.7 trillion and paid $1.4 trillion in taxes. The lion’s share of those taxes came from the highest earners: the top 50% of taxpayers paid 97% of the taxes collected, and the infamous top 1% [...]

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Robotic Taxes?

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Should we institute a tax on robots? Photo: Xavier Caré. Source: Wikimedia Commons That’s what Bill Gates thinks. When people fear what new technology is going to do to them, they’ll avoid it rather than try to shape it. If there’s a robot tax, that might allow countries to provide pensions and training so people can adjust to their new economies. If the robots are eating our jobs, then we need to find new jobs – like blacksmiths learning how to build and repair [...]

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World Wide Cash

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Why do firms hold so much cash overseas? Source: Capital Economics As the global economy has grown, cash held overseas by US firms has grown at a rapid pace. US companies now hold over $2.5 trillion. The recent flap over Apple’s $14.5 billion fine by the European Commission brings into high relief the fact that the US has the highest corporate tax rates in the world, and claims a share of anything a US company does—if it brings those profits back home. So if [...]

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Chickens and Eggs

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Chickens and Eggs Are you a chicken farmer, or an egg farmer? Photo: Ilona Couleur. Source: Pixabay Chicken farmers raise chickens for their meat. Egg farmers raise chickens for what they lay. Investors who plan to sell their stocks to pay for college or to buy a second home are chicken farmers. Investors who hope to use the income from their investments are egg farmers. The financial press doesn’t understand egg farmers. Every day they report market prices and how they’ve changed. But they [...]

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