Copyrights (and Wrongs)?

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Who owns your software? Photo: Viktor Hanacek. Source: Picjumbo It’s an important question. Because under Federal copyright law, software is like any piece of writing. The author of a line of code is the owner of the copyright to that code. The person who physically types out the words and symbols is the “author” and enjoys the same rights as most other authors – the right to copy the code, distribute it, post it, and modify it to create derivative works. This makes some [...]

War, Peace, Inflation, and Software

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Is inflation dead? Source: Morguefile Growing up in the ‘70s, inflation was a fact of life. Sometimes we would see prices rise four or five percent in a single month. Persistent, high inflation was a problem, economically. The purchasing power of our savings was depleting at a rapid rate. Federal regulations kept interest rates low; banks couldn’t pay more than 4.25%, even while inflation was running at 10% per year. Gerald Ford declared a war on inflation. Annual change in CPI. Source: St. Louis [...]

Autonomous Autos?

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Are self-driving cars in our future? Photo: Steve Jurvetson. Source: Wikipedia I sure seems like it. Self-driving cars have been in the news. Honda, Toyota, and Nissan all recently announced that they plan to sell cars with automated highway driving functions by the year 2020--the year of the Tokyo Olympics. Traditional automakers are trying to get ahead of tech firms like Google, which has been testing a prototype. There are also reports that Apple is studying the technology. Inventors have been experimenting with autonomous [...]

Getting Updated

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Why does software need to be updated all the time? Source: I recently went through another update on my iPhone and it was excruciating. After it was done—and you never know how long that will take—it wouldn’t synch properly with my computer. It would sit connected by its little white cord and stay on the step six of six forever, never finishing. After trying all the interim options—checking message boards, rebooting the phone, rebooting my computer—I succumbed to the inevitable, and restored my [...]

Hard and Soft

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Hardware makes it possible. Software brings it. That’s what I thought when I read about the robotics innovations that are poised to change our lives: drones, driverless cars, virtual assistants. These technologies are build around things we already know pretty well—the car, the helicopter, and the PDA. But by adding sophisticated software, they are about to make a big difference in the world. Take driverless cars. I had a driver once, and loved it. I had broken both of my elbows in a bicycle [...]