Investors from Mars and Venus

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Can we ever understand one another? Photo: Amshudhagar. Source: Wikipedia In 1959 English novelist C.P. Snow gave a lecture on “The Two Cultures,” bemoaning the lack of understanding between literary intellectuals and scientists, between science and the humanities. At the time, folks were worried that scientists had never read Shakespeare or Dickens, and that the Atomic Age would usher in a technocratic tyranny, along the lines of Huxley’s “Brave New World.” But to these humanities scholars Snow asked, “Can you describe the Second Law [...]

The Compleat Investor

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Is investing an art or a science? Woodcut by Louis John Rhead. Source: Wikepedia In 1653 Izaak Walton published “The Compleat Angler,” a short book on fishing. In this little treatise he compares angling to mathematics – something that can never be fully learned. There’s always a new approach or a new location or some novel piece of equipment. “But he that hopes to be a good angler,” Walton continues, “must not only bring an inquiring, searching, observing wit, but he must bring a [...]

The Tyranny of Science

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Is technology all that matters? Photo: Giedre Raminate. Source: Refe I’m an advocate of science and engineering. I was a science major in college. Three of my children are engineers. I have family members who design rockets and power systems. But I’m a little uncomfortable with the exclusive emphasis on science and math these days. Radio stations have special STEM reports to discuss trends in education. When a college has to shut down a department, it’s usually something like literature or Latin—rarely physics or chemistry. [...]