The Death of Retail?

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Are we facing a retail apocalypse? Photo: Cbikle. Source: Morguefile That’s the story that’s being told. Payless, Radio Shack, Rue21, and The Limited have all filed for bankruptcy this year, as have five other retailers. Over 4,000 physical stores have been impacted. There are fewer than 750 Kmart stores open now, down from over 2000 at their peak, and their owners plan to close more stores. Since late last year, general merchandise retailing has shed over 80 thousand jobs. The phrase, “Retail apocalypse,” even [...]

The Death of Retail?

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"the report of my death was an exaggeration" Photo: A.F. Bradley. Source: Library of Congress  That’s how Mark Twain responded to a story that he was dying of poverty while on a visit to London. He was undecided whether to be annoyed or amused. He was just 62 at the time, and while a little frail, was in excellent health. A cousin of his – James Ross Clemens – had been seriously ill, and the papers confused the two. The report of Twain’s illness [...]

Eating the World?

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Maybe Amazon won’t be eating the world. Source: Yesterday Amazon reported its third quarter results. And they weren’t pretty. In spite of growing revenues another 20% from a year ago, the company lost over $400 million the third quarter, up from a $40 million loss a year ago. Included in these numbers was a $170 million charge for their smartphone, which hasn’t been selling very well. […]

“Once More Unto the Breach”

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What should we make of the latest security problem? After a blogger reported that massive new batch of stolen credit and debit cards went on sale Tuesday, Home Depot confirmed that it is investigating a possible data breach. Rumors are that the breach ran from May through August. If true, this could be much bigger than Target’s data breach last fall, when 40 million cards were stolen in three weeks. Home Depot is the fourth largest retailer in the US, with $80 billion in [...]

Success and Failure

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Loehmann’s is filing for bankruptcy. Are the bad times coming back? Probably not. While the 92-year old New York discount clothing chain is an icon in the Northeast, it has been a regular visitor to the bankruptcy court. They might even want to get a frequent-filer card. The firm filed Chapter 11twice before: in 1999 and 2010. It’s hard for small chains—Loehmann’s has just 39 stores—to keep up with behemoths like Target or TJX, which has 3200 stores. In addition, lots of retailers have [...]