Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (Part 2)

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How can we improve our decision-making? Source: Quora Most of us live in “react-mode.” We’re like thermostats – the temperature goes up, and we try to cool things down. It gets a little chilly, and we turn up the heat. We don’t deliberate, we just do something because it makes us feel better. But reacting to circumstances doesn’t change the underlying situation. It just makes us a little more comfortable, for a little while. One of the best ways to improve our decisions is [...]

Turning Play Into Work

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What’s wrong with the “PlayPump”? Source: Marginal Revolution The “PlayPump” uses a merry-go-round to pump water, transforming children’s play into a labor-saving way to obtain an essential commodity. The driver of the idea quit his job and raised millions from celebrities like Jay-Z, Steve Case, and Bill Clinton. He received prestigious awards and began installing the pumps in Africa. But it didn’t work out very well. In order to pump the water, the merry-go-round requires constant force. The children playing on them quickly get [...]