In Our Stars?

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“The fault lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.” Photo: NASA. Source: Flikr. That’s a line from one of Shakespeare’s plays, when a character tells another that it’s their own responsibility for what’s happening in the world. That’s not a bad perspective to have. It’s easy to blame others. Some say the world economy is unbalanced because China exports too much. But China exports so much because we in the US buy their stuff. And we need the Chinese to finance our deficit [...]

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Scary Stories

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I never “got” horror movies. Shot from German horror film “Nosferatu.” Public Domain in US. Source: Wikipedia Oh, sure, I understand there’s an adrenaline rush that comes when the hero and heroine are in danger. And when they wait, listening at the closed door, only to realize that the murderer is already in the room with them. I get that. But I never understood the desire to see nasty things happen again and again and again. I want them to get out and escape. [...]

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Winners and Losers

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Who wins and loses from tax reform? Photo: Derek Lilly. Source: Morguefile Most of the comments on tax reform center on what happens to individuals – the personal exemption, the mortgage interest or medical expense deduction, and so on. That’s understandable: people want to know how different versions will directly affect them. And the bill’s depends on each taxpayer’s personal situation But the point of the pending legislation is corporate tax reform – to find ways to lower our corporate tax rate. It’s widely [...]

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A Diverse Picture

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What’s happening in the world? “Convergence” by Jackson Pollack. Source: Albright-Knox Art Gallery Chaos. At least, what appears to be chaos. England just saw its third terrorist strike in three months. I had to double-check the dateline on the news article I was reading this weekend to be sure it wasn’t from last March. The details of the story seemed so similar. Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, a move supported by conservatives by widely panned by many others, including political, [...]

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Style and Substance

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Was the stock market rally just based on sentiment? Chrysler Tower with Ravenswood power plant in the background. Photo: Eric Drost. Source: Wikipedia After our presidential election, global equity markets rose about 10%. The common explanation was that a pro-growth agenda could help the economy get out of its doldrums and reaccelerate. This would support profits and the stock market. With the failure of Congress’s repeal-and-replace attempt with healthcare legislation and other policy initiatives seemingly stalled, shouldn’t the markets fall back to where they [...]

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Keep Calm and Stay Invested

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The sun will rise again. Sunrise from space. Source: NASA That’s what I thought this morning when I read the headlines. Lots of folks – both left and right – are freaking out. I can’t comment on social or political issues – they’re outside of my zone. But I do have one suggestion for investors: stay calm. When President Obama was elected a lot of people on the right expected that higher taxes and greater regulation would damage the economy. And we saw higher [...]

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Politics and Investing

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Should politics impact our investing? Source: Wikipedia Many folks are concerned about the upcoming presidential election. The two major party candidates elicit strong reactions. Three quarters of those surveyed think it will have a big impact on their personal finances. And many folks are pulling out of the market in response to their fears of a Clinton or Trump presidency. Is this a good idea? It’s helpful to look at a little history. During the dot-com busty from 2000 to 2003 the Nasdaq index [...]

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On the Ground Game

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The ground game is critical. Photo: Gabor. Source: Morguefile That’s what surprised me about Sunday’s Super Bowl. Both teams used a lot of time running the ball, trying to open up holes in the defense, pounding and grinding yards away from one another. As someone who grew up cheering for Fran Tarkington’s Vikings and rooting for the New England Patriots today, I expected shotgun formations and a lighting offense. Instead, we saw play after play dominated by running backs and rushing. Indeed, the only [...]

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Iowa Futures

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Is Iowa typical? Artist: Grant Wood. Source: Wikipedia Iowa enjoys a funny place in American culture. Home to the first-in-the-nation political caucus, the state is often derided as quirky and out of touch—unlike big-city dominated states like Minnesota and Illinois to the north and east. It’s true that the Des Moines metro area only contains about 20% of Iowa’s population, versus Minneapolis and Chicago that have over 2/3rds of their States’ people. It’s also true that the state has a small minority population, and [...]

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Irrational Political Economy

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Are voters rational? Direct Democracy in Switzerland. Source: Wikipedia. It’s primary season in my home in New Hampshire right now, and it’s impossible to get through dinner without receiving a phone call from a political polling organization. Every candidate is trying to get a feel for the state, where our opinions and moods lie, and what we think is important. Some see this whole process as irrational, a leftover artifact of a bygone era, where uninformed voters select self-interested politicians who manipulate and deceive [...]

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