The Signal and the Noise (Part 5)

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So how do you decide? Photo: Sebastian Lühnsdorf. Source: Morguefile When a news event occurs, is it a new signal, or is it just noise? The European Central Bank is maintaining a negative inter-bank rate – is it signal or noise? The Consumer Price Index just came out flat from the month before – was that signal or noise? It’s tempting to label all these interim economic reports financial static. And a lot of them are. So much data comes at us from so [...]

Rabbits, Ducks, and Markets

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Is it a bull market or a bear market? Source: Wikipedia It all depends on your perspective. Like the famous rabbit-duck illusion. People who want to see a rabbit see long ears, a split nose, and a soft face. Folks who want to see a duck see a split bill, a tongue, and a bright eye. There’s no clear answer. The same thing could be said about the market right now. Those who want to see a bull market point to a growing economy, [...]

Musical Chairs?

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Where you stand depends on where you sit. Source: Interior Designing Blog That’s what a lot of companies are finding. In order to increase collaboration and innovation, some firms are moving employees around every few months. The idea is that by seeing and hearing what different colleagues do, workers can get new insight into how to do their jobs differently. […]