Arriving On Time

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“If you leave late, you’re going to get there late.” Photo: Mario Ortiz. Source: Wikimedia That’s what my son’s driving instructor told him during a lesson. You can’t make up for a late start by going faster and rushing through yellow lights. And if you’re headed for a busy big city airport during rush hour, you’d better start even earlier and give yourself some margin. The same thing holds with managing our finances. When it comes to saving, one of the most critical issues [...]

Putting Fun Into Finance

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Can personal finance be fun? Photo: Melodi2. Source: Morguefile For most of us, money matters are unpleasant. They involve budget issues and trade-offs and hard choices that frustrate everyone. So we need to encourage ourselves, to set up some kind of incentive program. For example, estate planners say you should update your will every three years or so. So: think about what would be a special treat—like eating at a favorite restaurant, or going to a special show—and reward yourself when you update your [...]

High (Financial) Anxiety

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Do your finances keep you up at night? Photo: Bhoj Rai. Source: Unsplash Researchers have found that folks often fall into six common errors when they deal with their money: risk-takers, hoarders, retail-therapists, cash-splashers, controllers, and avoiders. Each of these mistakes is avoidable – and they typically stem from personal issues that have little or nothing to do with money. Instead, they may be compensating for some personal needs they have. Risk takers have a bias towards action. Given a choice between waiting and [...]

On Financial Advice

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Where do you go for financial advice? Photo: A Livmann. Source: Morgufile Financial advice is tricky. There’s lots of TV shows and news shows touting the next hot stock, lots of specialized jargon, lots of web sites. Google the phrase “questions for a financial adviser” and you’ll get millions of hits. Some of the suggested questions are pretty off-the-wall: “Do you believe in ghosts?” Or, “Have you ever been arrested?” You know that it’s an important area—you’ve worked hard for your money, and you [...]

Cheat Codes?

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Are there cheat codes for getting rich? I have two teenage boys at home. When they play computer games, they want to find the “cheat codes”—special keyboard tricks that allow them to advance to the next level without going through the steps of the game. Cheat codes often are put into a game by the developers to help them test their program, and are sometimes left there as a kind of “Easter Egg.” People are often obsessed with finding cheat codes in their lives: [...]