The (Serious) French Connection

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What do you do when your boss announced plans for a layoff? Emmanuel Macron. Source: Wikipedia That’s what Emmanuel Macron did a couple days ago, in a powerful speech to both houses of the French Parliament. The assembly has 925 seats, and Macron announced plans to cut its number by a third. If the houses don’t agree, he said, he will bring his initiative to the voters directly. He also told the lawmakers that they need to legislate less, that France can’t keep up [...]

Falling Up?

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What’s a “Bloomberg”? Source: Wikipedia Most people have never seen one. They may have heard about Bloomberg News, or read about Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York. But there aren’t many computing platforms launched in the early ‘80s that are still around. There’s the Windows PC, which comes from the IBM PC, introduced in 1981. There’s Apple’s Mac—famously announced in 1984. And there’s the Bloomberg Terminal, which came out in late 1982. In 1981 Michael Bloomberg was forced out of equity trading [...]