Rx: Competition

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What’s wrong with the health care debate? Public Domain. Source: Wikipedia I don’t pretend to have a solution. Health care is complex and multi-faceted, with lots of market and non-market elements. And it’s huge: a sixth of our $20 trillion economy. But one thing that’s so disheartening about the debate is that it mostly focusses on the demand side of the equation. Health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, exchanges – these are all ways that we get access to care. It’s as if we debated food [...]

Health Care Values

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What makes health care a good (or bad) investment? Photo: Clever Cupcakes. Source: Wikimedia Commons Lots of people are looking at health care stocks. Since the end of 2015, their performance has been fairly modest, rising by less than 6%, while the rest of the market has returned almost 18%. Health care is among the cheaper sectors, with a forward P/E ratio of only 16.4x, vs the market’s 18.4x. Only telecom, which has falling revenues, is cheaper. So they are intriguing to value investors. [...]

Politics and Investing

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Should politics impact our investing? Source: Wikipedia Many folks are concerned about the upcoming presidential election. The two major party candidates elicit strong reactions. Three quarters of those surveyed think it will have a big impact on their personal finances. And many folks are pulling out of the market in response to their fears of a Clinton or Trump presidency. Is this a good idea? It’s helpful to look at a little history. During the dot-com busty from 2000 to 2003 the Nasdaq index [...]

Unhealthy Economics

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Should the market try to be fair, or efficient, or both? Photo: James Hellman, MD. Source: Wikipedia Life isn’t fair. We know this. But something inside us recoils when a drug-maker buys the rights to a product that used to cost about $50, then raises the price to $600 over the course of 9 years, even though nothing has changed other than the market has gotten bigger. In 2007, Mylan Pharaceuticals bought the rights to make and market the epipen, a device that injects [...]

State of Denial

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Were the problems at heathcare dot gov predictable? That’s what many are saying. Lost passwords, reset identities, servers crashing—the web-site’s problems have been the talk of the tech world ever since it launched on October 1st. Did anyone see this coming? They should have. Large software roll-outs are often fraught with problems. Remember Windows Vista or Apple Maps? Having millions of users putting a new product through its paces in unexpected ways is bound to raise unforeseen issues—just consider the Mustang II or Chevy [...]

Live Long and Prosper?

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Can we ever retire? It used to be that a million dollars was a lot of money. Save a million before you retire, use the interest to supplement Social Security, and you were set. But that was before ultra-low interest rates, extended lifespans, and aggressive healthcare inflation. Now a 65-year old couple with a million dollar nest egg that spends 4% per year has a three-quarter chance of outliving their funds. But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is that most people [...]