Past Life, Future Lives

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Get over it. Source: Good Free Photos That’s often the advice we give when folks obsess over their most recent experiences, both positive and negative. What we’ve seen and done colors our outlook. If we’ve had a close call driving, we tend to be a little more cautious on the road. Someone who almost drowns when they’re young might grow up with a tremendous fear of going out on a boat. William Faulkner put it this way: “The past is never dead. It’s not [...]

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Shading our Perspective

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How do you look at the world? Photo: Igor Ovsyannykov. Source: Fancycrave Everyone looks at the world through their own particular lenses: we’re limited by our own minds. We can never see anything truly objectively; we only know what we think we see. What we have are different shades of rose-colored glasses. This is a problem for investors. We tend to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information that confirms our preexisting beliefs. We call this “confirmation bias,” and it feeds our overconfidence. Suppose [...]

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Diversifying Convenience

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Have you been to a convenience store lately? Photo: Igor Oskyonnov. Source: Fancycrave. CC0. The breadth of offerings boggles the mind. There’s dozens of types of candy, beef jerky, chips, and cigarettes, coffee, milk, sports drinks, sodas. Often there’s a small hot area where you can buy pizza slices or hamburgers or hot dogs. The diversity of product is a way for the owner to entice us out of our routine and into a purchase. Surely there’s something there we crave: sweets, salt, caffeine, [...]

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Underdogs and Understories

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Not every little tree makes it. Pine forest understory. Source: Wikimedia Last summer I went for a walk in woods near my home and noticed a mature stand of white pine with what looked like a hundred little saplings underneath. It was lovely: the majestic pines overhead and the dense carpet of green in the understory. The needles looked soft in the morning light. I thought, “You’re not all going to make it, little friends.” There wasn’t enough room in the forest canopy for [...]

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Financial Tundras?

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The mountains are beautiful. Lake of the Clouds on Mount Washington, NH. Photo: PaulB. Source: Wikimedia I love hiking in the alpine tundra in the Appalachian Mountains. The way plants and animals adapt to the harsh weather up there is amazing. But nature is incredibly diverse, whether up in the mountains or down in the depths of the sea or out on the African veldt. Every possible niche seems to be stuffed with a diverse array of plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms. Wherever there’s [...]

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Rooting for the Home Team

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Are sports really “only a game”? Photo: Reid Neureiter. Source: Flikr. CC-BY-2.0 Watching my kids compete in youth athletics has been one of the most enjoyable parts of being a dad. Now, I’m not a crazy sports parent yelling from the sidelines who thinks his little one has the stuff to make in the big leagues. Been there, done that, saw the movie, hated the ending. No, I’m talking about teaching my children how to kick a soccer ball, playing a game on a [...]

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Investing by Ear

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Remember music lessons? Photo: Musikrat. Source: Pixabay I played the French Horn growing up. I started playing in the 4th grade, taking lessons from our band-director and an instructor, Mr. Klinger, who used to come to our home. My parents put up with the blats and brays and never complained – at least to me – although I’m pretty sure they knew musical entertainment was never going to be a reason for me to give up my day job. So why did they do [...]

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The Wisdom of Diversification

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Diversification works. Public Domain. Source: Wikimedia That’s the secret to the success of many major consumer products. Coca-Cola was created when someone accidentally added carbonation to medicinal syrup. Play-Doh was supposed to be a wallpaper cleaner. Toothpaste started as a homemade powder made from salt and burnt bread, but then someone noticed Parisian artists squeezing their pigments out of lead tubes, and so they put the toothpaste into the tube. In his famous commencement address at Stanford, Steve Jobs tells how the idea for [...]

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Upside-Down Investing

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Invert. Always invert. Public Domain. Source: US Army Inversion is a solid analytical technique. Some problems are best solved by thinking backwards. The Stoics used this approach 2000 years ago. They called it “premeditatio malorum” – imagining what could go wrong. That way, they considered, you won’t be shocked and appalled when life sends you unpleasant surprises. We’re taught to do this behind the wheel. My instructor called it defensive driving, imagining what unpredictable moves other drivers might make. The NPR call-in show “Car [...]

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Growing on the Beach

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Have you ever noticed how beach grass grows? Photo: Jon Sullivan. Source: Public Domain Photos Ocean beaches often have dunes behind them, covered with beach grass – sometimes surrounded by protective fences. The plants grow in lines, strengthened by creeping underground stems that connect them to one another. Over time, the grass thickens and the sand dunes stabilize. This helps prevent coastal erosion. In Europe, peasants used beach grass for fuel, thatch, and animal fodder, until they realized that using the up the grass [...]

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