On Tripods

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Tripods are stable. Photo: Eriger. Source: Pixabay They allow us to keep things steady. Their three legs lean upon each other making the entire structure more stable than any one leg could be. We use tripods in photography, weapons, surveying, and for offshore wind turbines – anywhere we don’t want things shifting around. Tripods are often used as metaphors, as well, for any area where we need constancy. Our military depends on a nuclear triad: missiles, bombers, and submarines. English teachers use grammar, literature, [...]

King Lear: The Importance of Settlement

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Who do you trust? When people make an estate plan, they need to decide what to do with their money. One of the most important decisions is choosing a trustee. Because a trustee will control the assets—usually for a long time—making the right choice will have far-reaching consequences. Shakespeare writes about just such a choice in King Lear. At the beginning of the play, Lear states his intention to retire and divide his possessions among his three daughters. The elder two flatter him, while [...]