Shank Shot

“When sorrows come, they come not single spies but in battalions.”

When Shakespeare wrote this he was reflecting how life seems to deal out trouble. Tiger Woods is the most recent observer of this. First it was a car accident. Then it was a marital fight. Then one, two and more of Tiger’s illicit madams spoke out in public. And the press just lapped it up.

Woods’ response was a classic case of how not to handle a media mauling. The information was sparing, contradictory, and sporadic. His latest statement about being left in private is both self-serving and contradictory. He has (or had) millions of fans.

Jack Welch—who has dealt with his own crises multiple times—has some good advice: First, tell the whole truth. People are remarkably forgiving when they’ve been leveled with. Second, be consistent. Inconsistency breeds mistrust. Finally, take responsibility for your media coverage. In these days of web-pages, Facebook friends, and Twitter-feeds, there is no excuse for waiting for the media to call you.

Amazingly, Tiger’s web page has almost no mention of his troubles. Tiger’s not a victim, and his fans deserve better. The troubles that face us often come in battalions, because we ask for more recruits to join the party.

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