“Pimp your Whopper”

Burger King is trying to jazz up it’s image. They’re betting that a hip-hop style will jump-start results.

The Miami-based company has unveiled plans to build “Whopper Bars,” similar to McDonald’s McCafe coffee bars. Only these are built around the chain’s signature sandwich. Featuring chrome, wood, and plasma-screened TVs with flames on them, the restaurant will build up to 10 types of Whoppers in front of the customer with “theater and panache” according to company spokesmen.

Gee, like—Subway? Or the Chinese food joint at the airport? No offense, but fast-food workers usually aren’t the best “presentation artists.” I go to a Burger joint for food, not theater. The key to chain performance is operators and location. Having the “Angry Whopper” or “Pimp your Whopper” doesn’t seem to cut it..

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