How Does He Know?

Is the NSA using a new surveillance technology?


Researchers at the University of Minnesota recently documented that ultra-low frequency listening devices have been monitoring communications and other activities around the world for decades. Located at the North Pole, these sensors appear to be focused on moral activities. In other words, they know when we’ve been bad or good.

It’s been rumored that the principal architect of this technology perfected it while working at the U of M’s sleep deprivation lab. That makes sense. Some think he has recruited a number of junior researchers who become sleep deprived every year wrapping billions of presents. If that’s the case, he’d better know when they are sleeping or when they’re awake. Security is important.

Experienced intelligence professionals know that it’s not enough to track emails and browser histories. In past years, people have reported clandestine on-site visits. Sometimes Christmas cookies go missing, while mysterious packages are delivered inside their homes.

If the NSA is behind this, it’s the blackest op they’ve ever done. No wonder we’re all dreaming of a “White Christmas.”

Merry Christmas everyone!

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