Giving Thanks

What is Thanksgiving for?

Oh, I know that millions are inebriated with turkey and stuffing and potatoes and football, but why do we make a national holiday out of it?

Part of it has to do with celebrating our national legends, the self-image we have of pioneers carving out a life for themselves in the wilderness, We celebrate the initiative, ingenuity, and cooperation that enabled the early Pilgrims to come, learn, and grow in the New World.

Part of it is a celebration of family, both near and distant. Thanksgiving is a time of family gatherings and traditions. At a time of economic stress, family ties are more important than ever.

And simple pleasures have always been an important part of the holiday. College football; plain food, and family: there’s little controversial or divisive about these icons.

From the moment that Abraham Lincoln declared a “National Day of Thanksgiving” during the Civil War, Americans have paused in November to count their blessings. Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best, and the best things in life aren’t things. As we look back at a crash and partial recovery and look forward at mixed prospects, let’s give thanks for how far we’ve come from a year ago, and where we might have been.

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