Getting Updated

Why does software need to be updated all the time?


I recently went through another update on my iPhone and it was excruciating. After it was done—and you never know how long that will take—it wouldn’t synch properly with my computer. It would sit connected by its little white cord and stay on the step six of six forever, never finishing. After trying all the interim options—checking message boards, rebooting the phone, rebooting my computer—I succumbed to the inevitable, and restored my iPhone from its backup.

Only it never fully restores. Some apps have internal updates that need to be run now, some have to be reinstalled. And passwords? Don’t get me started. They all have to be re-input. And recovered when I can’t remember them. Dozens of them.

So why do software companies inflict this upon us? It’s not like my phone was struggling before. And now I have to learn a bunch of new commands, tips, and tricks on a strange-looking interface. Updates are like digital back pain. They go away for a while, only to return with a vengeance.

To paraphrase Job, software is born to update as the sparks fly upward. I just wish the sparks didn’t burn.

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