Facebook Nation?

Is Facebook everywhere?

Every day, over 120 million Americans check their Facebook pages. Of those, around 100 million do it on a smart-phone. That’s a lot of friending, liking, and posting. And it’s a lot of data that Facebook is collecting. Because when you "like" something–just touching the button–you’re telling Facebook’s marketers that they might be able to sell you something.

Facebook now offers customization on a massive scale. It’s like TV, but with ads that know whether you’re a parent with young children, or a daily coffee drinker who hasn’t gotten your daily caffeine fix yet. In any case, those annoying ads might just be useful, especially when the offer you coupons to the store right across the street.

And it’s now a global phenomenon, with 700 million daily users globally in June. In the UK, the statistics are similar to the US: 40% of the population accesses the service every day; 80% on mobile devices. This kind of use allows advertisers to come up with creative campaigns to drive results.

So say goodbye to AT&T-like ads that tells us to "Reach out and touch someone." Whatever we like is now going to reach out to us.

Douglas R. Tengdin, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

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