Deficit Doubts

The government’s budget should be balanced, just like a family’s. Right?

Many people look at it that way. Ever since Keynes suggested that the government run a deficit in lean times and a surplus in good times, people have railed on the government for failing to run a surplus when the economy is strong.

But running a surplus means keeping taxes higher than are needed to support current spending. And running a surplus is not like saving for retirement.

Unlike individuals, governments don’t retire. Since the economy grows based on productivity and labor-force growth, a steady, modest amount of borrowing can improve the quality of that growth. One economist has estimated that the optimal deficit is about 1% of the economy.

Looked at this way, the budget should fluctuate on either side of this optimal level. This will stabilize the economy in the hard times, and take a little spike out of the punch bowl when the party gets too hot. And we don’t see the tax man robbing Peter to pay for Paul’s rainy day.

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