Competitive Designs

Apple is changing the iPhone. That’s the message being received by many. Consumers can’t get the old model now at Apple’s internet store.

Less than a year ago Apple brought out the iPhone. Many were skeptical, but the iPhone has changed the smart-phone landscape. Their iPhone 2.0 is supposed to be targeted at businesses, as Apple tries to edge in on the Blackberry’s market. Blackberry’s “Bold” is their new entry, and the head-to-head fight for corporate business comes at a time when profits are a little tight.

Apple is a marketing powerhouse. They get lines around the block every time they bring out a new product. They do this with innovative design and a consumer marketing chic that other’s can only envy. Blackberry’s product is targeted at corporate email users. They seem to know how to sell to businesses.

It will be interesting to watch these two battle it out. This is a time when competition seems to benefit us all.

Douglas R. Tengdin, CFA
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