Educational Futures

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Online higher education is getting closer.A college degree costs too much. Living expenses, administrative expenses, activity fees—they’ve become the tail that wags the educational dog. $200 thousand is typical—and it’s too much to spend on an undergraduate degree. It doesn’t really matter that State schools are cheaper. They’re just being subsidized by taxpayers. The cost is the cost.But online education has the potential to change this. […]

A Population Bomb?

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Are demographics destiny?That’s what a couple of researchers sought to find out. Using UN population numbers and economic and capital market data, they looked at 60 years worth of information in 176 countries. Because demographic data are fairly predictable and individual behavior follows a life-cycle pattern of education, production, saving, and retirement, they attempted to fit a mathematical function  to see what the next ten years might look like for different regions of the world.What did they find? […]

Super Fruit Bowl

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The Giants won. Is it safe to go back into the stock market? Every year around this time market mavens trot out the “Super Bowl Indicator” to discuss whether the stock market is going up or down this year. A seemingly strong correlation appears to exist between who wins the Big Game and how the market performs in the ensuing year. According to this theory a win by the AFC heralds doom and gloom, while an NFC victory means happy days are here again. [...]