Recounting Accounting

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What’s wrong with accounting? Public Domain. Source: Life of Pix I remember the first time I encountered a detailed balance sheet. I’d been hired to implement a new analytical system at a small bank, and I was looking at their internal accounts. “Oh, don’t look at that month,” I was told. Why? That month was a little special. The State where they were located gave the bank a special tax credit for holding US Treasury Notes on that month-end, and this small bank had [...]

On the Water

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Have you ever been on a canoe trip? Photo: Olivier Labbe. Source: Pixabay The experience is singular. Each day is unique, but along the way they merge into one another. You lose our modern sense of time and develop a daily rhythm: dawn, morning fog, daylight, evening. Sometimes the scenery opens up, and you get views of the hills and landmarks around, but more often your vision is confined by the banks and the shore. You get to know your paddling partner’s habits and [...]

Fresh Faces

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Do you need a puppy? Photo: Chevanon Photo. Source: Pexels We have an older dog. Not that old, mind you. But getting there. She doesn’t have the same level of energy she used to. She sleeps more. When I get up early in the morning, she used to come over and lick my hand and ask for a treat. Now she ambles off down the hall to find a dark bedroom where she can get a little more shuteye. The kids have been on [...]

Rooting for the Home Team

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Are sports really “only a game”? Photo: Reid Neureiter. Source: Flikr. CC-BY-2.0 Watching my kids compete in youth athletics has been one of the most enjoyable parts of being a dad. Now, I’m not a crazy sports parent yelling from the sidelines who thinks his little one has the stuff to make in the big leagues. Been there, done that, saw the movie, hated the ending. No, I’m talking about teaching my children how to kick a soccer ball, playing a game on a [...]

Raking Up

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Have we gotten ready for winter, yet? Photo: Wendy. Source: Flikr. CC-BY-2.0 One of my least favorite jobs every year is raking leaves. It’s cold, lonely work. If I use gloves, I have a hard time picking debris out of the tines of the rake when they get stuck – which they always do around the garden and shrubbery beds, getting caught with the old plants and weeds. I used to be annoyed at my swollen hands, afterward. Now I wonder if the raking [...]

Cooking the Books?

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What good is financial reporting? Photo: Chantal Pare. Source: Flikr. CC-BY-2.0. That may be a funny question from a Chartered Financial Analyst, but financial statements often distort, rather than reveal, the nature of a company. Beyond outright fraud, where managers just make things up, there are lots of examples of accounting practices that are misleading, like marking everything to market. During the financial crisis, when companies got into trouble their debt was downgraded. Ironically, this created an earnings boost, because their debt suddenly got [...]

Going the Distance

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Have you ever watched a marathon? Start of New York City Marathon. Photo: Eric Martin. Source: Wikimedia.. I remember the first time I saw the New York City Marathon. Runners start on Staten Island and pour across the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, through the other four Boroughs of New York City, and finish in Central Park. It’s a fast course. The top time is sometimes a world record, and there have been some dramatic final moments. In 2005, the winner out-sprinted the second place finisher [...]

Watching Waves

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Do you like seeing the surf come in? Photo: Dmitris Vetsikas. Source: Pixabay.. Most of us do. The rhythmic crash of waves on the shore is mesmerizing: whoosh, <pause>, whoosh, <pause>. There’s usually a little wind and a few random bird cries. But the overwhelming sound is the water advancing and retreating, over and over. There’s a good reason that ocean waves are one of the most common background sounds that people listen to when they want to relax. There’s something comforting in the [...]

Frost Warning

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Are we ready for winter? Photo: Jim Mauchly. Source: Mountain Graphics. Used by permission. The other day my wife and I were out walking early in the morning. We had to bundle up! There was frost in the lower areas and a hint of ice and snow. It made me think of all the little things we do in New England to prepare for winter: find scrapers and brushes for the car, make sure our snow shovels are accessible, stack cords (and cords) of [...]

In the Presence Of …

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Have you ever met a true genius? Jocelyn Bell-Burnell, who discovered of pulsars as a graduate student. Photo: Roger Hayworth. Source: Wikimedia I was fortunate enough to meet several when I was in high school. Our chemistry teacher organized an outing to a local college, where a Nobel laureate in Physics and three other great minds – one was the laureate’s PhD advisor – were giving a public seminar. After the Q&A session, I was able to meet one of the speakers one-on-one and [...]