A Few Questions

As the politicians play the blame game, I have a few questions:

For Barack Obama: you say that the current financial mess is a result of the failed policies of the Bush administration. Fair enough–which ones? What would you change? How will increased regulation stop our global financial giants from making bad investments?

For John McCain: you bemoan the use of taxpayer funds to bail out Wall Street, while Main Street is left to pay the bill. Good point. But if Wall Street collapses, how will Main Street borrow money, sell stock, or exchange currencies in this rapidly globalizing economy?

For both VP candidates: which of your boss’s policy proposals do you think would be most effective in calming the markets, re-capitalizing the banks, and keeping our system dynamic and competitive? In your own words.

We’re going through one of the most tumultuous times of the last 50 years, and we’re seeing it happen in the midst of the first presidential election without an incumbent or successor VP in 50 years. I’d love to see our candidates face these serious times with serious proposals.

Douglas R. Tengdin, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
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