Considering Our Options (Part 5)

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Can options explain strategy? Gridiron quarterback option play. Source: Wikimedia. Public Domain. Options are choices. Strategy is acting on our choices. When a company decides to lay off workers and focus on an online platform, they’re exercising a real, strategic option. When the market falls and investors exercise protective puts on S&P 500 futures, they’re exercising financial options. When professionals “dress for success” and choose between flats and heels, they’re exercising personal options. Investment strategies can be explained with options, too. Two of [...]

Considering Our Options (Part 4)

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Can options help us understand how investments work? Source: Sure they can. Options are choices: the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell something. When you combine investment options with other instruments, you can see how the combination explains how another investment works. First, we need a quick course on option pricing. An option price has four major components: the stock price, the exercise price, the time left until expiration, and the underlying volatility stock. If you wanted an option [...]

Keeping Our Options Open (Part 3)

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Where do we find options in every life? Chrome browser settings. Source: Ctrl blog Options are choices. They represent the ability, but not the obligation, to buy or sell something. Financially, we know that options are complex instruments that have strike prices, an implied leverage and time-decay. They’re priced according to a complex formula that only folks with high-powered math or finance degrees really understand. But they show up in all kinds of unexpected places. Consider mortgages. Most people have a mortgage on [...]

Keeping Our Options Open (Part 2)

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Can we use options to invest? Illustration: Koltepranita. Source: Wikipedia Options are powerful. And there’s a lot to understanding them. Call options give us the right, but not the obligation, to buy something at a specific price within a certain time. They don’t cost as much as the underlying stock, but they benefit just as much when the price goes up. As a result, there’s a lot of implicit leverage in an option. An option on a $100 stock might cost you $3. [...]

Keeping Our Options Open (Part 1)

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What are options? Source: Pxhere. CC0 Strictly speaking, options are choices: the choice to buy, sell, or hold; the choice own or rent a home; the choice of what to plant in the garden. Having options means we have the ability to make – or not make – choices about our lives. Financially, though, options have a very specific meaning. An option on a stock or bond is the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell the security at a specified price [...]

Window Dressing

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It’s almost quarter-end. Do you know where your sales are? Photo: Birgit Böllinger . Source: Pixabay When quarter-end rolls around, everybody wants to make things look nice. But new flowers in the window boxes won’t change the rot that may be hiding in the window casings. At quarter-end, many public companies try to dress up their financials. They increase the amount of cash on hand or pump up sales to show a better income statement. Even blue-chip companies get caught in this trap. [...]

Getting There

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What do you want to do when you retire? Photo: Lukas Taleb. Source: Picjumbo. Lots of folks have plans for what we want to do when we retire. It could be spending time with children, it could be travel, it might be settling into that dream-cottage by the lake or beach. While it’s good to have dreams, it’s just as important to have plans. And those plans need to be based on a realistic assessment of who we are, not the gauzy self-portraits we [...]

The Superstar Syndrome

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Do you believe in superstars? Michael Jordan in 1997. Photo: Steve Lipofsky. Source: Wikimedia. CC-BY-4.0 In basketball, a lot of fans focus on the stars, and with good reason. For the past 35 years, 11 players with multiple championships have accounted for 32 of the of those titles – over 90%. That’s unlikely to be a random happenstance. Whether it’s by providing points or assists or rebounds, star players are able to make an average hoops team excel. But are superstars [...]

The Culture Code

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Does leadership matter? Public Domain. Source: Flikr. Of course, it should. In the long run, a culture centered on client service and financial accountability will produce higher financial returns; by contrast, a culture with outsized rewards for managers who treat the firm like a personal piggy bank creates lower returns. But how do we measure leadership? One way is by reading the company’s annual report, especially the CEO’s letter to shareholders. This document is an unstructured, free-flowing description of what the chief thinks [...]

The Primacy of Planning

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Psst. Got any hot stock tips? Photo: Viktor Hanacek. Source: Picjumbo. CC0 Lots of people want advice about what stocks to buy or what the market will do. But what they really need is guidance on how to plan out their finances. Classically, finance has three major reports: income, assets, and cash flow. Each of these areas has inflows and outflows—positive and negative entries. An income statement covers income and expenses; a balance sheet shows assets and liabilities; with cash flow there are inflows [...]