Getting a Good Start

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How do you start your day? Photo: Viktor Hanacek. Source: Picjumbo I like to cook up a batch of oatmeal, when I have the time. Some fruit, milk, and a little sweetener make it very filling and nutritious. Doctors tell us that it’s important to have breakfast, to replenish our body’s store of energy and nutrients, to keep from getting hungry later and overeating. The important thing is to get started, to begin your day well. It’s the same thing with investing. It’s critical [...]

In the Long Run

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The 123rd Boston Marathon was held this week. Can we learn something from this historic event? 2019 Boston Marathon. Photo: Doug Tengdin Investing is a lot like running. We set goals, work towards those goals, adjust when we have setbacks, allocate precious resources -- time, money, attention, knees – and eventually, see some kind of payoff. And there are some very special lessons that come from looking closely at an historic event like the Boston Marathon. First, your goals are specific to you. I [...]

Tulips for Sale?

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Have you heard about tulipmania? Photo: Ellywa. Source: Wikimedia During the Golden Age of Holland, merchants from around the world traded their silver, spices, and textiles in Amsterdam, the capital of the Dutch Republic. Holland had cheap energy, skilled labor, and excellent ports, making an ideal trading center, just as trade with the New World and the Far East was expanding rapidly. The growth of commerce and wealth allowed Holland to lead the world in art, science, agriculture, and military prowess. Their position as [...]

Retail Therapy

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“Let’s go shopping!” Indoor shopping mall in Stockholm: Photo: Arild Vågen. Source: Wikimedia Markets and malls and bazaars and finding bargains have always been part of the human experience. When my wife and I lived in North Africa, every expedition to the old city’s primary marketplace, the souk, was a treasure hunt: find what we wanted, haggle with the shop’s owner, and collect our prize – or not! Often, successful bargaining meant walking away multiple times. When we got our prizes home, our friends [...]

“To Boldly Go …”

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Are you a techno-optimist, or a techno-pessimist? “Star Fleet” symbol. Illustration: Jesper Hansen. Source: Wikimedia People have always been both captivated and challenged by technology. Like many, I grew up watching Star Trek on television, thrilling as Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise explored “strange new worlds.” Science fiction allows us to imagine the potential gifts of new knowledge: faster-than-light travel, teleporting, food-synthesis. The possibilities are endless. But there are always problems. Fire burns. Klingons declare war on humans. There’s trouble with [...]

Boeing Blues

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“If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going.” Boeing 737max on final approach. Source: Wikimedia That’s how lots of pilots often spoke of Boeing’s airframes. These were built around the flight crew’s needs, giving the pilot and co-pilot as much control as possible. Pilots, like most people, like to feel that they’re in charge. The 737 airframe has been a workhorse in the air travel system ever since its introduction in 1967. It has been in continuous production, with over 10,000 planes built and 4,600 [...]

Black Magic?

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Are you superstitious? Photo Source: Max Pixel Most people are, to some degree. Hotels don’t have a 13th floor. Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky date, and seven is a lucky number. Magic often plays a big role in popular culture. Witches and spells play a major role in the TV series The “Game of Thrones,” and “Harry Potter” books and shows are built around magic. Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clark once asserted that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. [...]