The Arrow of Clutter

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My desk is a mess. Source: Pexels No matter how much I focus, no matter how many filing systems I try, my desk still seems to accumulate reports and notes and half-finished books and articles. The piles just mount up. Maybe it’s my personality, or maybe it’s the nature of my work. The other day I found an old invoice marked “paid” from three years ago. It was tucked away in a drawer, waiting to surprise me, I suppose. I have no idea how [...]

Beaver / Otter Balance

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How busy are you? Photo: Tom Koerner. Source: USFWS I used to know about a beaver pond where we could go watch them. We had to be very quiet getting there, but if we were, we could see them working around their pond. If we moved suddenly or a twig snapped under foot, we’d hear a sudden slap on the water and they’d disappear, hiding in their lodge. But if we were careful we could sit by the pond for hours and watch them [...]

Love Locks, Love Stocks

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Do you have keepsakes in your life? Photo: Petar Milošević. Source: Wikimedia One of my children taught me about “love locks” recently. A couple attaches a padlock to a bridge or a fence or some other public fixture and throws away the key, often into a nearby river. The lock is supposed to symbolize their unbreakable love. I first heard that it was an Italian tradition, but then learned that it’s a global trend. Authorities around the world usually treat the locks as litter [...]

Avoiding a Crash

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Did everyone get home safely? Photo: John Mosesso, NBII. Source: Wikimedia The Sunday after Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest travel days of the year. It’s estimated that over 4 million people flew home on Sunday, with almost 50 million taking to the roads. I drove into Boston’s Logan Airport early Sunday morning, and the traffic at 5:30 am was something to see – cars honking and cutting each other off, security officers yelling and waving frantically, folks scrambling to get themselves and [...]

Thanks for Everything

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What are we thankful for? Wild turkeys outside my home office. Photo: Doug Tengdin I’m thankful that I have an amazing, loving family who put up with me, with all my foibles and fumbles. As the years roll on, I’m reminded again and again what a gift each of them is. I’m thankful for my work, for colleagues of character and dedication, who continually challenge me to up my game. Whether it’s re-examining my prior assumptions or noting the extra effort someone took to [...]

The Safe Alternative?

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Do you want the right approach, or the safe approach? Plane on approach to Heathrow Airport. Photo: Adrian Pingstone. Source: Wikimedia Everyone wants to be safe. Cars are getting safer all the time. Now they have staged airbag inflation, side airbags, blind-spot sensors, adaptive cruise, and so on. Highway fatalities are almost half of what they were 40 years ago, despite the fact that we drive more than twice as much. Food processors track and recall any food that’s been tainted. And it’s almost [...]

Log-pile Games

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Sometimes things are more than they seem. Photo: Anonymous. Source: Bigfoto We cleared some land a few years ago. The forester did his cutting in the fall, skidding and stacking the logs up in the cleared area. The truck to take them to the mill didn’t arrive until several months later, though, waiting for the ground to freeze. In the interim, we had quite a recreational area – a perfect adventure-land for our young boys. We made sure that we were nearby and they [...]

Waiting for … What?

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Do you remember waiting for the bus? Photo: Jack Delano, 1941. Source: Library of Congress As a schoolboy, I remember standing around for what seemed like hours in the early-morning darkness. I’d peer anxiously down the road, hoping to see that big, lumbering orange shape. Eventually, it would show up and I would climb gratefully in, letting the steamy warmth seep back into my body. It was cold waiting for the bus on those early Minnesota mornings! Today we find ourselves waiting for the [...]

Recounting Accounting

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What’s wrong with accounting? Public Domain. Source: Life of Pix I remember the first time I encountered a detailed balance sheet. I’d been hired to implement a new analytical system at a small bank, and I was looking at their internal accounts. “Oh, don’t look at that month,” I was told. Why? That month was a little special. The State where they were located gave the bank a special tax credit for holding US Treasury Notes on that month-end, and this small bank had [...]

On the Water

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Have you ever been on a canoe trip? Photo: Olivier Labbe. Source: Pixabay The experience is singular. Each day is unique, but along the way they merge into one another. You lose our modern sense of time and develop a daily rhythm: dawn, morning fog, daylight, evening. Sometimes the scenery opens up, and you get views of the hills and landmarks around, but more often your vision is confined by the banks and the shore. You get to know your paddling partner’s habits and [...]