Inside/Outside/Upside Down

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Do you know what insider trading is? Are you sure? Source: FBI Insider trading is illegal. It’s part of our regulatory landscape. If you’re a corporate insider and have material, nonpublic information about a company’s prospects, you’re not supposed to profit from that information. This applies to insiders and anyone to whom they’ve provided information. […]

Giving Thanks

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What are you thankful for?   Source: Norman Rockwell Museum The holidays are a good time to reflect. Whether your portfolio is up or down, whether your side won or lost in the election, or the World Series, or the Academy Awards—or even if you don’t really follow any of that—there are so many things to be thankful for. […]

Checking the Boxes

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Are you just going through the motions? Source: adaptibar Sometimes low-tech innovations can improve high-tech outcomes. Such is the case with the humble checklist. Checklists have been used for a long time in aviation and project management, helping people organize complex processes and avoid forgetting essential items. Lately they’ve made their way into hospital operating rooms, where they’ve helped cut the rate of complications by over 30%. […]

A Tale of Three Endowments

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They were the best of returns, they were the worst of returns. Source: Last Saturday Dartmouth and Harvard fought it out on the gridiron. To the regret of all right-thinking people everywhere, the wrong team won. But for the past ten years a different competition has been playing out. And at stake is the equivalent of a small country’s GDP. […]

Dollar Rising?

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Where is the dollar going? Source: Wikipedia Last night we had an election. Republicans took control of the Senate and expanded their control of the House. Millions of Americans took to the polls to express their political preferences. But a different election has been taking place—one where anyone, anywhere can vote. And this election happens every day. This occurs in the financial markets—stocks, bonds, and currencies. Voting requires only dollars, not sense. And lately they’ve been expressing confidence in the US economy. The trade-weighted [...]

Both Sides Now

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What is security? Security makes sure that your stuff remains your stuff, and no one else takes or copies it. Most people feel a little insecure about all that we’re putting up in the “cloud.” Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton thought their photos were secure. News stories tell us about government agencies that use “back doors” in the latest security systems so they can look out for bad guys. It creeps us out that someone might be going through our stuff. Source: Wikipedia [...]

Japan: Off the Charts

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What does Japan’s new stimulus package mean? Source: Wikipedia On Friday the Bank of Japan announced it would expand its asset-buying program by $750 billion per year, buying stocks and real-estate funds as well as bonds. The central bank could be buying more than twice the amount of new bonds issued by the government. At the same time, the Government Pension Fund said it would raise its share of stock investments by over $100 billion. […]